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KT Rama Rao

Govt of Telengana
Honorable Minister of IT, Electronics and Communications

After completing his MBA, Sri K.T. Rama Rao worked as IT Professional for six years – from 2001 to 2006. His keen observation of political activism as a child, his international exposure as a student, and his strategic role as IT professional empowered Sri K.T. Rama Rao to join ‘fulltime’ in bandwagon of politics. He became the full-time TRS activist in the year 2006. His go-getter tendency, never give-up mindset, inclination to fight for the deprived enabled him to get connected with wide spectrum of the political arena. He established the required convergence from grass root level workers to the national level leaders. He actively participated in the Telangana movement between 2009 and 2014.

Sri K.T. Rama Rao has been putting relentless efforts in streamlining the assigned portfolios. As an IT Minister, Sri K.T. Rama Rao has come up with omniscient vision to cater the multi-dimensional requirements of the IT industry. Several complementary initiatives are launched under his noble leadership to address the needs of the industry.