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Alpna J. Doshi

Global CIO
In March of 2016, Alpna joined Philips as the Global Chief Information Officer. Alpna oversees Philips’ IT strategic direction; and execution, focusing on Business Transformation. She is an; instrumental player in the company’s continuing ‘’Digitilization’ journey.
Alpna has over twenty five years of global experience with various technology and telecommunications companies. She has held senior level executive roles at Reliance Group, Mahindra Satyam, Deloitte and Touche Management Consulting, Verizon and Telcordia Technologies in both Business and IT. Over her career, Alpna has established a reputation for being a down to earth leader, strategic decision maker and driven to ensure organization growth, transformation and innovation.
Alpna is an industry renowned thought leader and visionary and has received numerous awards such as CIO Excellence Award in Best; Innovation, CIO of the Year, Women CIO of the Year, and several other awards. She is on the Board of Directors of TM Forum, and active in shaping the SmartHealth suite of offerings. Alpna is highly; driven to improve society at large through technology, innovation and the business areas of Healthtech.